Fosbury & Sons opens newest venue 'Albert' in Brussels

Fosbury & Sons opens newest venue 'Albert' in Brussels

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Serge Hannecart, Stijn Geeraets and Maarten Van Gool founded Fosbury & Sons in 2016. Its mission: permanently changing the office world using the slogan “not your ordinary office”. Following a first location in Antwerp’s WATT tower in 2016 and two more locations in Brussels - Boitsfort in November 2018 and Alfons in July 2019-, the team is now opening a third location in Brussels - 'Albert'. At the Albert II-laan, “the office is dead” becomes reality. Fosbury & Sons’ aim is to really revive the stereotypical office environment by fully redeveloping a typical office building. Fosbury & Sons Albert is open for business as of Monday, the 25th of November. Next, the firm are spreading their international wings with Fosbury & Sons Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, due to open its doors in January.

Fosbury & Sons 'Albert'


5,000 m² at the heart of Brussels’ business district. At the Albert II-laan, “the office is dead” becomes reality. Fosbury & Sons’ aim is to really revive the stereotypical office environment by fully redeveloping a typical office building. With its central location within walking distance of Brussels-North train station, Rogier metro station and KANAL Centre Pompidou, the founders of Fosbury & Sons really believe in the potential of the area.


Fosbury & Sons Albert is located in the SEVEN building, owned by Brussels developer Downtown Real Estate in collaboration with Baltisse. The building was renovated by ASSAR Architects, who turned it into a low-energy building by integrating solar panels, LED lighting and an innovative climate control system. It also meets the requirements of the 2020 European “nearly zero energy” standard for newbuilds. Sustainability was also a concern when selecting the materials. Triple glazing ensures that the building is almost perfectly isolated and the designers opted for window frames in sustainable wood. As part of the ecological technology in the building, a SAPP (Smart Accoustic Passive Power) system was installed - an extremely efficient cooling and heating system inside the ceiling. In collaboration with Office Acoustics by Venac, the same state-of-the-art acoustic development techniques that were used for the Alfons location were also implemented for Albert. The courtyard and roof terraces were installed courtesy of Wirtz Landscaping Architects.


Interior designers Going East turned the entire Fosbury & Sons Albert location into a warm space with a ‘Brazil meets Wall Street’ atmosphere. Large vacant spaces and winding staircases form eye-catching features. Using dark bamboo wood, various plant species and high open spaces, the designers managed to create a real urban feel. The building also has lots of space for cosy sitting areas throughout. The whole offers a Wall Street-like environment with a Brazilian twist.

The 1,055 m² ground floor is an accessible lobby and bar with a jazz club atmosphere, including a grand piano. This is were the restaurant Midori is located.


Like all other Fosbury & Sons locations, Fosbury & Sons Albert offers office space for small- and large-sized companies. The first company to move into Albert will be Mobile Xpense, a Belgian provider of software solutions for travel and expense management. Mobile Xpense expects their workforce to grow from 50 to 80 employees, which Fosbury & Sons can easily accommodate.

Fosbury & Sons Albert
Koning Albert II-laan 7
1210 Brussels


There are currently three Fosbury & Sons locations in Brussels, totalling 15,000 m² of office space. They offer inspiring, professional and above all human workplaces in the city, where small- and large-sized companies can come together. Members of Fosbury & Sons have access to all their locations, so an effective geographical distribution is essential. Fosbury & Sons consciously opt for buildings that are not in prime locations, but try to find locations that each have their own unique assets.

In terms of users, Fosbury & Sons targets companies from various sectors (ranging from 1 to 100 members of staff and more), including large corporate firms that are surfing the wave of hometown employment and want to create a hub at one of Fosbury & Sons’ locations.

Our concept is perfectly suited to modern-day society, offering the flexibility and stability businesses need. Our hybrid office spaces allow employers to meet the specific requirements of each employee: space to work comfortably but still be able to focus, an interactive culture conducive to meeting people and space for rest and relaxation. Our main aim is always quality of life. Businesses are realising more and more that they should stick to what they know best and leave office solutions to expert contractors. - Maarten Van Gool

Fosbury & Sons’ three locations in Brussels provide office space to a workforce of 1,170 people. This allows them to cater for the entire Brussels region, drawing a North-South axis through the city. Founders Serge Hannecart, Stijn Geeraets and Maarten Van Gool try to find the best local partners and contractors for each new location. They believe local anchoring is essential and contributes to the feeling of ‘coming home’.

They are already planning a fourth Brussels location in the former Actiris building near the Brussels stock exchange. This project will be carried out in collaboration with Axel Vervoordt, Coussée & Goris architecten and VDD Project Development.


Fosbury & Sons certainly do not lack ambition. Their aim is to keep expanding their portfolio, creating a strong international network their members can use. Members of Fosbury & Sons can use any and all locations to enjoy a productive working day.

In January 2020, Fosbury & Sons will open its first location in Amsterdam at the Prinsengracht, followed by a second location (Fosbury & Sons Westerdok) in the spring of 2020. Fosbury & Sons Marina is the exotic-sounding name of their first location in Spain, which will be situated in beautiful Valencia Marina, with a lovely view of the waterfront. This location is set to open its doors in the autumn of 2020.


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